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Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom want to jointly offer the best startups and ideas to their customers. We know your startup may need support in business, technology and getting to the customers – we all brought it to the Challenge Up!

If you represent:

Internet of Things

Magical property of the future Internet where every day dumb static objects will become a little bit smarter, a little bit more sentient and  connected to the interweb. The  Internet will be no longer a place that we visit on your computer it will transform into a hyper connected proactive hybrid that will have a long reach into the real world. We are looking for projects and startups that will help Internet Of Things become a true version of reality not another buzz word and make it as fast as possible. This includes everything below : 

  • Connected/
    smart solutions

    Smart Home: making your home automated, smarter and more efficient. Everything from connecting washing machines to the Internet to making your toaster talk with your local bakery. 

    Smart City : cities of today are just a  glimpse of what we were promised in  SF movies. Make them more efficient, healthier, and hyper connected to improve peoples lives by orders of magnitude

    Smart Energy : everything around us including every living being on this planet is powered by something. We humans are not that smart in energy usage and thats why we need you to show us the future of smart energy usage, awareness, utilization and optimization

    Connected Cars - we humans spend a huge chunk of our lives in the car. More than 37 million hours are wasted EVERY day just to drive to and from work. Cars are dumb, make them smarter and show us how the future of connectivity in the car world looks like

    Wearablesanalytics for your body. Counting and gathering all sort of data to

    automate and free up seconds from your daily routine to save days in the long run. Measure everything, gather data and make action based on that. Improve, save and enrich lives. 

    Industry 4.0 : industrial revolution kickstarted and enabled the life we are living right now. Everything we see, feel and hear. Somewhere along the way industry started lagging. We want you to show us how the industry of the future looks, your startup will ideally completely redefine the industrial landscape even if it will target an industrial niche. 

  • Information

    Information Security: from Taylor Swift to Edward Snowden the importance of infosec in our everyday lives became apparent and evident. Bad guys with black hats usually hurt bits, bytes and pixels so we usually dont care. Imagine what will happen when you move this into the real world, into our domain of existence. Securing this future hyper connected world is the first step, something that will make or break IoT

  • Big Data

    Big dataat this point there is more than 4.7 zettabytes of data circulating around the globe. It will double in just 18 months.  And vast majority of that is never utilized, never used for something useful. Imagine what kind of isnights , what kind of valuable information you can get from a world that core essence to gather bits of information and act on it. 

  • Analytics

    Analytics: the amount of data circulating in the world today is unprecedented. The sad thing about it is that we are not utilizing all of that data for a great cause. One of the most powerful human abilities is to connect and correlate unrelated data and find patterns and relations that can give us a deeper understanding of our world, of human or machine behavior  helping push productivity and ultimately humanity forward.

  • Connectivity

    Connectivity: communication is one of the core needs of humans, connectivity is enabling all of that. Connect everything that is possible and come see us

  • Cloud

    Cloud computing: Today cloud computing is as close as we get to teleportation. You can work on your magical product and offload the heavy lifting to a cluster of computers half world away. Imagine the possibilities.

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